SP-NCR Sub-Group Executive Meeting

Wednesday, May 17, 2017; 18:00 – 20:00 Hrs

1    Roll Call: Aruna Dixit, Norma Domey, Sushil Dixit, Stefan Palko, Shamil Cathum, Joanne Papineau, Phil Wang, and Waheed Khan were present.
2    Review & Approval of the Agenda: The Agenda was approved.
3    Approval of the minutes of Tuesday, January 24, 2017 meeting: Minutes were reviewed and approved.
5    Financial update: Shamil provided an update on the budget. Funds have been received from PIPSC.
6    PIPSC & SP Group Initiatives-update:

  • SP Bargaining update: Waheed provided an update on the signing by PIPSC and TBS on May 15, which obligates TBS to implement the Agreement by mid-August. The payment of retroactive pay will likely be a challenge but the employer has assured PIPSC that it will meet its contractual obligations.
  • SP Group will hold its AGM in Ottawa on May 27. The Executive who registered will attend.
  • PIPSC AGM will take place on November 17-18. SP-NCR will support the Executive except Sushil and Norma who will attend as SP Group delegates.

7    2017 Action Plan: All

  • Lunch & Learn: L&L activities will likely take place after the summer holidays.
  • SP-NCR will organize a Boat Cruise to provide opportunities to its members to network and get involved in union activities, after the longest bargaining session. Stefan will explore with cruise companies, supported by Shamil and Sushil, and other members as needed.
  • Movie: Joanne will explore options for a movie for SP-NCR members in the fall.
  • Promotional Material: Shamil will acquire promotional material for SP-NCR members, to promote visibility.
  • Science Advisory Committee: Norma provided an update on the work of the Science Advisory panel.

8    Roundtable:

  • The next Executive meeting will be held in August before the next networking event.

9    Adjournment:  

  • The meeting was adjourned at 20:00 hrs.

Waheed Khan
SP-NCR Sub-Group
(819) 938-3752