Retired Members Guild Vancouver Chapter Executive Minutes

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sala Thai 102 - 888 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1X9

Executives Present:    Raj Utkhede    (Treasurer)    Tom Chang (Secretary)
Barbara Aweryn    Al Parsons (Vice-President)



Call to Order

At 12:10 pm meeting called to order by Al.
Welcome and introduction of newly elected Executive member, Barbara Aweryn.


Motion to accept the agenda by Al, seconded by Raj, to accept the Agenda.

Previous Meeting’s minutes

Minutes of the AGM of May 17, 2017 had been reviewed by the Retired Members Guild Executive. Errors and omissions were corrected. Motion by Tom to have the minutes accepted, seconded by Al. Minutes accepted.

Action item    

Tom to send Minutes to PIPSC national office for posting to PIPSC’s Website.

Meeting suspended at 12:20 pm for lunch. Resumed at 1 pm


As a result of elections, the following changes are in effect as of this meeting date, July 26, 2017:

  • Raj Utkhede    (President)
  • Tom Chang    (Vice-President)
  • Barbara Aweryn (Treasurer)
  • Al Parsons

Al has agreed to act as Secretary until the next AGM (or until another retired member wishes to fulfill the role).

Review of Finances    

Financial report presented and explained. Raj made motion to accept the financial report as tendered, seconded by Tom. Financial report accepted.

Signatures of Elected

Executive Executives

Tom and Barbara added as signatories.

Any other Business    

No further business was presented.

Raj and Barbara to make arrangements to transfer Treasurer files to Barbara in September 2017.

Meeting adjourned    

Motion to adjourn by Al, seconded by Raj. Meeting adjourned at 2:36 pm