Retired Members Guild Vancouver Chapter AGM Minutes


Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Lions Pub 888 West Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0A7

Members Present:    
Pat Morin    (President)    Al Parsons    (Vice-President)
Raj Utkhede    (Treasurer)    Tom Chang    (Secretary)


Robert MacDonald, BC/Yukon's Regional Director
Sue Ramsay, BC/Yukon Region’s National Guild Representative


Call to Order

Retired Members Guild-Vancouver Chapter, Annual General Meeting called to order at 12 noon. Pat opened with welcome to our Guests and to attending members.

The number of attendee’s including the Executive and Guests, totals sixteen (16).


Pat moved that the Agenda be accepted and adopted for the meeting. Moved and seconded by Pat/Magda C. (M/S) and carried.

Last Year’s AGM minutes    

Minutes of previous year’s AGM. The Floor was asked if any corrections and/or deletions to the minutes were needed to be made?

Hearing none, motion made to accept the minutes. Motion to accept the minutes moved by Tom and seconded by Don B. Motion Carried.

Business arising from last meeting of the Vancouver Chapter Guild concerned a survey to be done in conjunction with Vancouver branch. At present the survey has not been done.

Meeting paused for lunch.

Treasurer Report    

Meeting resumed at 1 pm

The Financial Statements (May 17, 2016-May 17, 2017), handed out to the members. Details of the financial statements provided by Raj.

The Chapter allowance for 2017 was increased effective January 1st 2017.

Motion to accept and approve the Financial Statements moved/seconded Raj/Lyle R., and carried.

BC/Yukon Region’s National Guild Representative Report – Sue Ramsay    

Sue Ramsay gave her report to the assembly. She congratulated Pat on the good job he did in getting the retired members involved.

She reported on

  • Funding for Guild Chapters effective Dec 31st 2016.
  • New RMG logo.
  • Working on having Presidents of Guild Chapters be able to attend President’s Meeting Day at the national PIPSC AGM.
  • Benefits of membership in the Retired Members Guild –can vote for and run for executive positions, be able to stay engaged as PIPSC member, and can advocate for issues important to your retirement.

BC/Yukon's Regional Director Report – Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald gave his report to the assembly.

Rob reported on:

  • PIPSC National AGM dues increase,
  • Scott Brison, Minister Treasury Board guest speaker at the AGM,
  • more advocacy by PIPSC,
  • need to increase our Reserve,
  • Benefits of membership in PIPSC, service plus
  • Work being done by advisory boards of PIPSC
  • Closer working relationship with CLC
  • Regional Council this June 2nd and 3rd
  • Rob described workshops on engagement to increase steward numbers
  • Working to help RMG to do survey on retirees on how to keep as members, on how to keep retired members involved.
  • Rob answered questions on legal costs, how PSLRB currently treating/seeing union volunteers  as having same rights as an employee
  • Rob also answered questions on Phoenix.
  • Question and discussion on differing benefits on dental plan of retired member versus that of government employee. The plan is administered by National Joint Council. As a retired dental member we can raise these issues with the NJC
  • Update on bill C-27 and PIPSC opposition to it
  • PIPSC 100th anniversary in 2020


Two positions up for election. Currently held by Pat and Raj.
No nominations had been mailed in prior to the AGM.
A call for nominations to the floor. Raj put his name forward.
Barbara nominated as a candidate.
Don B. moved for motion to increase the executive from four to five, seconded by Wayne W., Motion carried.
No further nominations from the floor.
Pat did not run for re-election. Consequently Barbara and Raj are acclaimed elected for two year terms (2017-2018)


No items on raised in roundtable.

Next AGM Location

Next location.

If at this location (Lions Pub 888 West Cordova St, Vancouver), it was suggested the time be from 2 pm onwards, as it will be quieter as the lunch crowd will have dispersed by then.
Other suggestions were Moxie’s, Hastings Street Delta Hotel Dining Room, and other locations near a Skytrain station.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm