Minutes of the Executive meeting N. S. CHAPTER Sept. 07, 2017
Retired members Guild AGM

In attendance were:
Rick Sanschagrin: President
Noel White: Treasurer
Brian Wolfe: Member at Large
Don Eldershaw: Secretary & Communications

Meeting held at Smitty’s Dartmouth 2:00 pm

Old Business / Action

Postal services supplied by Ottawa. Do they cover costs? / Rick Sanschagrin (ongoing)

Contact with other retirement groups seeking advantages of membership / Brian Wolfe (ongoing)

Updated members list required. / NFA

New Business / Action

Treasurer's report presented. / NFA

Material on Bill C27 (pension reform) distributed. Contact Groups/Branches for their actions on Bill C27 / Don Eldershaw

Groups/Branches to be approach for knowledge of upcoming retirees. Possible invitation to the next AGM of the NS chapter As part of retention of new retirees imitative. / Don Eldershaw

Letter to Minister Morneau regarding pension changes approved by exec. / NFA

Vacant Vice President position to be filled at next Chapter AGM / Inclusion in agenda at the AGM

Notices of meetings to be sent 2 weeks prior to event and the night before as well / Don Eldershaw

NS Chapter AGM to be held Nov. 30th. 5:00 PM at Smitty’s Lacewood Drive. Notice to be sent. / Don Eldershaw

Round table: Rick Sanschagrin mentioned ads for reverse mortgages being supported by CARP. It was suggested we advise members to be aware that this proposal has not been officially supported by the Retired Members Guild and members are advised to always seek professional advice before taking action. / Don Eldershaw to compose notice and submit to Rick Sanschagrin for approval.

Meeting ended at 2:00 Next meeting AGM to be held Nov. 30th. 5:00 PM at Smitty’s Lacewood Drive.