17 July 2018
You and your family are invited to "Alice in Wonderland" play by Shakespeare by the Sea in Point Pleasant Park on August 2nd. at 7:00 pm.
13 July 2018
Stewards play a critical role in our organization. These volunteers act as liaisons between members, the employer, and our union. To show our appreciation to stewards in this region, we invite our members to nominate a steward that they feel has devoted time, energy and commitment to making our workplaces better.
11 July 2018
As the negotiations for the renewal of your collective agreements continue in to the fall (2018), your bargaining teams would like to clarify the issue of hours of work. Negotiations have happened around moving to a 40 hour work week. Though at this time this proposal has not yet been signed off. We are still discussing compensation for the 40 hours, format of the 40 hours, start times, and how to calculate accrual and use of leave (vacation, sick leave, etc).
10 July 2018
After the success of the last drop-in session, the 50 Victoria Street subgroup is holding another one on Wednesday July 18th, from 9:30 to 10:30 am in the union offices, located on the commercial level in C119A (located near the entrance on Victoria Street).
6 July 2018
I would like to take this moment and clarify a statement I wrote to you a few days ago in my President’s Message “AV Elections Results”, dated June 20, 2018.
6 July 2018
Elections to the Retired Members Guild Executive are now taking place. Attached you will find a Nomination Form. Please consider running and having the opportunity to serve on the Guild Executive to better help retirees.
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