BC / Yukon Regional Executive Orientation Binder - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet, which we hope will address some common questions.  Please feel free to contact the Vancouver Regional Office if you need clarification on any PIPSC related issue.

  1. Expense Claims

Original receipts and supporting documents with member travel and salary claims are not required by Finance. 

Amounts claimed must be for eligible expenses, as per the PIPSC Travel Policy and subject to the PIPSC Travel Directive. All relevant details regarding the expenses claimed must be provided. PIPSC reserves the right to request that a member provide receipts or supporting documents prior to issuing a payment.

Members must retain the original receipts and supporting documents for a period of two years from the date of the meeting.  Paid claims may be selected for review by the Financial Services Section on a random basis or at the discretion of the Institute.

If a claim is selected for review, members will be required to provide the original receipts and supporting documents. In the case were a member fails to provide the documents requested, the matter may be referred to the Finance Committee.

Submit your claim to claims@pipsc.ca .  Ensure that you keep all receipts for two years, in case you are audited.

  1. Translation, Posting on the Website and Mailing (Emailing) Documents 

All documents shall be distributed simultaneously in both official languages.  Documents for translation and posting on the website should be submitted to Patricia Fung at pfung@pipsc.ca at a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the date you would like your document posted and mailed out.  Of course, earlier is always better, especially due to times of heavy workloads (ie, Regional and Steward Councils and the PIPSC AGM) and absences.

All documents submitted must be in Word. 

Provide clear instructions, including:

  1. The title of the document as you would like it to appear on the website;
  2. The page(s) and/or link(s) you wish your document to be posted; and
  3. If you would like it mailed out to your membership.

Policy on Official Languages – http://www.pipsc.ca/about/governance/policies/languages

  1. Finding Funding for Your Union Event


  1. Policy on Constituent Body Finances


  1. Guidelines for Constituent Body Elections


Constituent Body Elections – Immediately following an election, send the election results to Patricia Fung, Administrative Assistant at pfung@pipsc.ca at the Vancouver Regional Office.  She will forward the executive changes to PIPSC HQ for updating the PIPSC website.

  1. Membership List Requests

All membership list requests should be made to Linda Martel, Manager, Membership and Administration at lmartel@pipsc.ca

All communications to members should be done through the Institute.  Each member's individual record indicates the manner in which they wish to receive Institute communications.  Many of our members have chosen to receive Institute communications at their home email address.  Only work information is given on membership lists.  Through the Institute, messages will be sent quickly and will appear on the web site.  Membership staff will follow-up on all undeliverable emails.

Policy on Membership List –


  1. Policy on Institute Sub-Groups