Policy on the Election of Officers and Directors of the Institute

Policy on the Election of Officers and Directors of the Institute

Effective Date: June 2019

1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to provide greater clarity to the application of the Institute’s By-Law 22 on the election of officers and directors of the Institute. It applies to all elections to the National Board of the Institute.

2. Notice of Election

Not less than fourteen (14) weeks prior to the date fixed for election of Officers and Directors, the Institute shall forward to each member entitled to vote for such candidates, a Notice of Election containing a nomination form, details of the positions open, together with formal notification of the date of elections, and the last day for nominations.

3. Nominations

Nominations must be in writing, signed by at least one hundred (100) members for candidates for the office of President, fifty (50) for the office of Vice- President, and twenty-five (25) for the position of Regional Director, and contain the consent of the nominees attested to by their signature. Such nominations must be received at the National Office not later than 5.00 p.m. on the day fixed for the close of nominations. Both original nomination forms and nominations submitted by facsimile transmission shall be accepted as official nominations. The date fixed for the close of nominations shall be not less than ten (10) weeks before the date fixed for the election.

4. Eligibility for Regional Director Positions

A member employed in a particular Region shall be eligible to stand for election as a Director to another Region if he satisfies the Elections Committee that he shall be employed in the other Region by January first (1st) of the following year.

A Director who is temporarily employed for a period of not more than six (6) months outside the Region from which he was elected, shall not be subject to the foregoing conditions.

If, between the close of nominations and the processing of results, a candidate for Director becomes aware that he shall not be employed in the Region which he seeks to represent, he shall immediately inform the Elections Committee and shall withdraw his candidacy.

5. Biographical Sketches

Each candidate for office may submit one (1) biographical sketch, in either official language. A biographical sketch submitted in English will be of no more than four hundred (400) words whereas a biographical sketch submitted in French would be of no more than four hundred and fifty (450) words (as determined by the software in use by the Institute at the time), to be received at the National Office not later than the date and time fixed for the receipt of nominations. The membership status of each candidate shall precede the biographical sketch but shall not be included in the word count.

6. Ballots and Electronic Records

Distribution of Ballots

Not later than twenty-one (21) days before the day fixed for the return of ballots, distribution of ballots, together with the appropriate biographical sketches shall begin to be sent to each member entitled to vote.

Validity of Ballots

Only ballots returned in the manner specified by Elections Committee and received by the COO and Executive Secretary by the date and time specified by the Board in the Notice of Election shall be considered valid.

Destruction of Ballots and Electronic Records

Save in exceptional circumstances, the Board shall, at its first meeting following completion of all verification of results and appeal procedures, direct the destruction of the ballots and all associated electronic records.

7. Results


A candidate or his representative may observe the processing of results.


In Elections involving candidates for multiple terms of office, the candidates shall be ranked in order of the number of votes received. Notwithstanding the requirements of By-Law 22.3.1, the successful candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected to the longest term of office and the successful candidates with a lesser number of votes shall be deemed to have been elected to a shorter term of office.

Communication of Results

Candidates will be advised of the results of the election on completion of the processing of results. The results of the election shall be reported to the membership.

Request for Verification of Results

Candidates declared unsuccessful who wish a verification of the results must submit a formal request to the COO and Executive Secretary within five (5) working days from the date the candidate is notified of the results of the election. A recount would only apply to paper ballots and only if the number of paper ballots exceeds the margin of victory. A verification of the logs can be done with candidates present.

8. Use of Institute Facilities and Resources

Except as hereinafter specifically provided or approved by the Elections Committee, neither candidates for Institute office nor those acting on behalf of a candidate nor other members involved in election activities, may use Institute funds, resources, facilities, letterhead or logo on behalf of the candidates.

Neither candidates nor those acting on behalf of a candidate may in any way suggest the preference or support of any Institute body, the Institute as a corporate body or its employees for any candidate.

Candidates, those acting on behalf of candidates and other members involved in elections activities, shall not involve Institute staff in any election activity.

Accepted Uses

The following are accepted uses of Institute Resources:

a) Presidential and Vice-Presidential speeches at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Institute as specified in the procedures provided by the Elections Committee;

b) Distribution of campaign material in the AGM meeting room provided it does not interrupt or delay the meeting;

c) Wearing of PIPSC pins while campaigning;

d) Use of pictures of non-election events where the PIPSC logo is present; and

e) Use of PIPSC cell phone in the event a candidate already has one assigned to him/her for the position he/she presently holds.

9. “Do Not Contact” List

The Institute will create and maintain a “do not contact” list of member email addresses. Any member unwilling to receive election campaign material at a specific email address(es) shall notify the COO and Executive Secretary. Candidates and those acting on behalf of a candidate shall not send election material to any email address contained on the “do not contact” list.

10. Endorsements

Endorsements by the Institute and its Constituent Bodies

The Institute and its constituent bodies shall not endorse candidates in an election.

Endorsements by Stewards and other Institute Members

Stewards, other Regular Members, and Retired Members may express support for a candidate in an election. Any statement of support or endorsement shall not contain an Institute or constituent body logo, and shall contain the following disclaimer:

“This endorsement of candidate(s) in no way implies any endorsement of the candidate(s) by any Institute body, the Institute as a corporate body, or by the employees of the Institute.”

11. References

By-Law 22 Election of Officers and Directors of the Institute