Policy on Board Policy Governance

Policy on Board Policy Governance

Effective Date: June 2019

1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on the development and approval of Institute policies.

2. Purpose and Function of Institute Policies

The purpose of the Institute Policies is to guide the decisions and actions of all Institute elected officials, members, and staff, acting individually or in a group.

The policies are intended to complete and further clarify Institute Bylaws.

3. Principles of Policy Development and Implementation

Institute policies focus on purpose and values, not procedures, other than in exceptional cases where specific procedures are essential to achieve the intent

of the Board.

Institute policies are developed and implemented in a spirit of trust. They focus on guiding rather than prescribing wherever possible.

Institute policies are active documents that guide decisions and actions. They are to be included in all Board and President orientation activities and be accessible for easy reference at all times.

The Board exercises its fiduciary responsibility by monitoring the

implementation of the policies.

4. Policy Development and Approval Process

The Board of Directors drives the Institute’s policy development and approval framework, based on the recommendations of the Bylaws and Policies Committee (BLPC) with support of Institute management and staff. The Board is the final approval authority for all Board policies.

The Board determines which committee or other body will be tasked to draft or amend Institute policies.

All policy drafts and amendments must be submitted to the BLPC for review before being brought to the Board for approval.

5. Policy Format

Each policy shall specify the effective date of the policy, which is the date of the latest amendment to the policy.

In addition, the source of the most recent amendment to a policy clause shall be identified under the title of the clause using the format (BoD, date) or (AGM, date).

6. Communication of Policies and Policy Amendments

All policies and policy changes approved by the Board are captured in the minutes of the Board, which are available to all Institute members and staff.

Institute staff are responsible for publishing new and amended policies on the Institute website. Staff shall also post an update notice on the website at the time of publication.

7. Review, Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies

The BLPC shall be responsible for establishing a process for monitoring and evaluating the application of Institute policies, and shall report to the Board annually on its policy monitoring and evaluation activities.


Bylaw 17.2 – By-Laws and Policies Committee