Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life

Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life

Effective Date: June 2019

1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to outline the provisions made by the Institute to support members in balancing union activity and family life. It applies to all members participating in union activities.

2. Compensation for Meetings on Days of Rest – 2 Days in a Given Calendar Year

Stewards and elected officials who have attended at least two meetings or training sessions on days of rest in a given calendar year are entitled to reimbursement within the same year of a paid day of leave at the member’s regular rate of pay. (Examples of meetings would be Regional Councils, Regional Stewards Councils, Committee meetings, and training)

This does not include Branch or Sub Group Executive Meetings or their AGM’s but does include the annual Sub Group Chair Meeting.) Stewards who complete twelve (12) hours of on-line courses will be deemed to have used a day of rest for purposes of compensation for meetings on Days of Rest under the Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life. Claims for this must include detail as to the meetings attended in the year as well as applicable proof of leave taken (authorized leave form of employer). The paid time off will be equivalent to a member’s normal workday.

3. Compensation for Meetings on Days of Rest – 2 Consecutive Days (AGM 2012)

When training or a scheduled meeting of a Group Executive, Group Executive Committee, Bargaining Teams, Consultation Teams, Regional Executive, Board of Directors Committee, the Board of Directors or Advisory Committee requires a member to give up two days of rest to attend and travel, the member will be entitled to reimbursement of a paid day of leave at the member’s regular rate of pay. In addition, members on bargaining teams who work in a continuous workplace will be compensated one day for each two consecutive days of rest given up for bargaining purposes.

These days of leave shall normally be taken within six (6) weeks of the meeting.

A member who would otherwise qualify under this policy who decides to stay the complimentary day in the meeting location will not be eligible for this day to be paid since the purpose of this day is to allow a time of rest after the travel.

4. Compensation for Meetings on Days of Rest – Paid Statutory Holiday (AGM 2015)

Should a meeting or a day of travel to the meeting occur on a paid statutory holiday, the member is entitled to reimbursement of a paid day of leave at the member’s regular rate of pay as compensation for the paid holiday. A day of leave must be taken within six (6) weeks of the meeting in order to qualify for this reimbursement. However, every reasonable effort should be made to ensure that a meeting is not scheduled before or after a statutory holiday.

5. Travel and Hospitality for Family Members

A member who

• requires accommodation the Friday of a Regional Council, Regional Steward Council, Group Annual General Meeting or the Institute Annual General Meeting taking place outside their local area,

• who is accompanied by his / her spouse or significant other and/or immediate family, and

• would not otherwise be eligible for Saturday night accommodation under the travel policy,

will be entitled to accommodation for the Saturday night for himself / herself and his / her spouse or significant other and/or family member.

In such cases, the member shall not be reimbursed for any per diem expenses except for breakfast the Sunday morning. Members choosing to stay over the second night will not be entitled to any other benefits under this Policy. (e.g., Incidental allowance, lunch, extra day of rest, etc.)

The additional cost of accommodations for immediate family members who accompany an Institute member attending Institute functions may be borne by the Institute. The Institute will determine what accommodations are applicable and reimbursable.

When a member chooses to invite his or her spouse / significant other or child to the PIPSC AGM banquet, or the Regional Council or Regional Steward Council dinner, the cost of the additional meal will be borne by the Institute. This benefit is non-transferable. The Institute will be entitled to restrict numbers based on the space available in the facility.

Institute Stewards receiving Regional Steward of the Year awards will be entitled to invite their spouse or significant other to the Institute’s Annual General Meeting, including the banquet. Travel costs associated with this invitation shall be borne by the Institute.

6. Child Care

Whenever possible or feasible, Institute activities shall be held in facilities where child care services are available. In the case of hotels, the Institute will seek agreement with the hotel for child care services to be made available to all members attending the event, regardless of whether the member is a registered guest at the hotel. It will be the member’s responsibility to avail themselves of these services. Where no agreement can be reached with the hotel, the member will be permitted to register at the hotel as a guest, whenever feasible. Child care expenses shall be borne by the Institute in accordance with Institute policy.

7. References

Policy on Financial Support for Member Participation