Policy on Member Fees

Policy on Member Fees

Effective Date: June 2019

1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance related to the collection, refund, and documentation of member fees in specific situations not clarified in the Institute bylaws.

2. Refunds

The Board may, at its discretion and within a reasonable time, refund fees, in full or in part, to Regular members who are defined by the applicable legislation as casual employees, or under such other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Board.

3. Leave Without Pay

Regular members on leave without pay wishing to retain their rights, shall be charged the same fee as Retired Members.

4. Lay-Off

Regular members who become ineligible to belong to an Institute bargaining unit may, for the duration of the lay-off period or action taken by the Institute as a consequence of lay-off, opt to become an Affiliate member as provided for in these By-Laws. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Regular members on lay-off status shall retain their membership for a period up to and including six (6) months, and fees shall be waived for the duration of said period.

5. Honorary Members

Honorary members shall not be required to pay fees.

6. Receipts

Official receipts, for tax purposes, shall be sent at the end of the year to all members not receiving same from the employer.

7. Arrears

Any amounts that the Institute owes to the member shall be used to offset the fees owed by the member.

8. References

Bylaw 14