Meeting Minutes

BC/Yukon Region - Regional Executive  

Thursday, June 1, 2017  Scheduled 1 - 5 pm

Delta Burnaby Hotel


Robert MacDonald (Regional Director)

Phil Mantler (Chair)

Karim Chaggani (Vice Chair)

Karen Hall (Secretary)

Pete MacDougall (Treasurer, Chair Training Committee)

Carl Cahoon (Chair, Awards Committee)

Wanda Aschacher (Member at Large)

Carol-Ann Lonsdale (Member at Large)


VP Steve Hindle

Summary of Action Items

  • R MacDonald to follow-up on how Marriott Points are currently used
  • K Hall to contact HQ to inquire about an additional “Policies” tab on webpage
  • P MacDougall to provide K Hall with Policies for posting
  • P MacDougall to provide K Hall with Training Committee Report
  • P Mantler will circulate resolution from last year based on the direction of the 2016 Regional Council – to be completed prior to AGM Deadline
  • R MacDonald to ensure room is booked for AGM Regional Caucus
  • R MacDonald and P MacDougall to ensure appropriate cable is available or purchased for AGM Regional Caucus
  • R MacDonald to check in with other Regional Directors on role of Branch Liaisons
  • W Aschacher to document current process around selection of alternates for Regional Council

Carry forward to future agendas

  • Awards Committee to review Terms of Reference and bring forward for support (future)
  • Regional Executive Roles and Responsibilities discussion (December)
  • Review of Regional Executive Orientation Binder and Bylaws (December)
  • Regional Youth Committee (future)
  • Mentorship in the region (Future)

Meeting called to order – 1:05 pm

  1. Approval of Agenda  (All)
    • Motion to approve the agenda
      • M/S  R MacDonald/CA Lonsdale– carried
    • No additions or changes to the agenda were proposed
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes (All)
    • Motion to approve the Apirl 5th, 2017 Minutes  
      • M/S R MacDonald/K Chaggani– carried
  3. Business Arising from February 17th  Minutes  (All)
  • P Mantler to email invoice for facilitator - Completed
  • P Mantler to circulate resolution carried over from 2016 Regional Council before April 17th deadline – Outstanding
  • K Hall to draft a resolution on gender neutral language and circulate – Withdrawn
  • P Mantler to contact the selected Chair and suggested Parliamentarian - Completed
  • CA Lonsdale to contact the BC Cancer Society - Completed
  • K Hall to contact HQ to inquire about an additional “Policies” tab on webpage – Outstanding –
    • P MacDougall to provide policies for posting
  • R MacDonald to get demographic data on “young workers” in region – Completed
  • Points from Marriott Bookings – Not actioned in April 4th meeting but discussion brought forward
    • Motion presented by W Aschacher, seconded by CA Lonsdale
      • Mariott Points earned within the Region are pooled and available for Regional Executive use for training and conferences
    • Motion deemed out of order
    • R MacDonald to follow-up on how points are currently collected and used in region and will report back to Executive
  1. Regional Executive Chair Report (P Mantler)
    • P Mantler provided a verbal report on the Professional Requirements and Qualifications Committee
  2. Regional Director Report   (R. MacDonald)
    • Motion to accept the Regional Director Report April 5th to May 31st 2017
      • M/S R MacDonald/K Hall –carried
      • Report is attached
  3. Financial Report  (P. MacDougall)
    • Motion to accept the Treasurer Report
      • M/S R MacDonald/C Cahoon– carried
    • P MacDougall provided a brief report about the finances of the Regional Executive
  4. Regional Training Committee Report (P MacDougall)
    • Training Committee Report from June 1st attached
    • Terms of Reference reviewed and supported
      • Motion to accept report and Terms of Reference M/S P MacDougall/W Aschacher
  5. Regional Council
    • Resolutions
      • K Hall missed deadline for submission and has submitted Resolution on Gender Neutral Language as a late resolution from the Vancouver Branch
      • P Mantler will circulate resolution from last year based on the direction of the 2016 Regional Council – to be completed prior to AGM Deadline
    • Volunteers for ticket duty
      • Dinner – C Cahoon and K Hall; Breakfast – R MacDonald; Lunch – P MacDougall and K Hall
    • Executive of the Year Ratification
      • 3 nominations received and committee struck
      • C Cahoon presented the committee’s recommendation, R MacDonald seconded  - carried
    • Speakers for Council
      • R MacDonald has arranged for the BC Director of the Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives and Bob Dewar to speak at Council
  6. New Business/Round Table
    • Steward Council
      • Invites to guests will go out in July
      • Potential for 2018 Council to be in Whistler
      • Regional Caucus – P MacDougall agreed to chair again.  R MacDonald will ensure room is booked
    • Terms of Reference for Awards Committee (W. Aschancher)
      • Suggestion to add section to Terms of Reference to include promotion of National Awards
      • Suggestion supported – Terms of Reference will be reviewed and updated and brought back to the Regional Executive for support
    • BC/Yukon Representatives (W. Aschacher)
      • Motion presented: All submission for any positions requiring a BC/Yukon representative shall be presented to BC/Yukon Regional Executive for review and approval.  moved by W Aschacher
      • Questions about Jurisdiction – Ruled out of order
      • Regional Executive agreed that a discussion should occur on defining the roles and responsibilities of the Regional Executive and to explore Branch Liaisons – move to future agenda
      • R MacDonald to speak to other Regional Directors to determine role of Branch Liaisons
    • Alternates for Regional Council (W. Aschacher)
      • Motion presented: All alternate delegate names for BC/Yukon Regional Council shall be submitted to BC/Yukon Regional Executive by deadline. Should a delegate be unable to attend, the Regional Executive will select a delegate from alternate list. Moved by W Aschacher
      • Motion left on the table: W Aschacher will write up the current process to be presented at fall meeting
    • BC/Yukon Regional Executive Orientation Binder
      • Based on group discussion the Binder and bylaws will be reviewed – move to December agenda

10 .Next Meeting(s)

August (date to be set after Regional Council) – Executive Meeting (teleconference?)

October 20th – morning – Executive Meeting prior to Steward Council

December 1st – All Day – Executive Meeting (to include team exercise)

11. Adjournment @ 3:05 pm   m/s R MacDonald/K Hall - carried  

m/s R MacDonald/Pete MacDougall – carried

Regional Director’s Report – May 31, 2017 – Regional Executive Meeting

Period: April 5, 2017 – May 31, 2017

Board Initiatives

Pursuant to the board mandate letters, my focus over this last period has included:

  • Chair, Executive Compensation Committee:
    • Tasks from BOD approved 3-year Work Plan and BOD assigned tasks.
    • The Committee has initiated the Triennial Review Process for full-time elected officials in advance of the 2018 election cycle.
  • Board Liaison, Science Advisory Committee and Science:
    • Tasks from BOD approved 3-Year Strategic Plan.   
    • The follow-up survey to the Bill Chill and Vanishing Science, one of six activity areas for the Committee, will be distributed in June 2017.
  • Assist in the delivery of the key results area of “Model Organization” in areas of governance and strategy planning for the Institute:
    • Coordinating a governance review for the Institute building on past work of the Board.

The Institute continues to see considerable progress (and success) in finalizing various bargaining agreements.   New initiatives have been established by the Institute to challenge Bill C-27 (attacks on pensions) and National Public Service Week.  While the Institute has decided not to boycott NPSW, it will be preparing specific messaging to focus on the need to ‘Fix Phoenix.’    And unfortunately, despite many commitments by the Federal Government, Phoenix continues to occupy significant attention of the organization as it works to advocate for impacted members.

Over this period, plans have been finalized for the 2017 Regional Council in Burnaby, and initial thoughts are being formulated for the fall’s Steward Council.   A very successful Better Together Engagement Workshop was held in Richmond with twelve very keen stewards charting an engagement approach for the Region.  Information collected during the workshop will be reviewed over the next couple of months.   As always, let me know if you would like to assist in organizing any Better Together Initiatives or our upcoming Regional Events. 


  • Regional Executive Meetings / Events:
    • Regional Executive Meeting – April 5, 2017
  • Regional Meetings / Events / Conference Calls:
    • BCFNHA Group Executive Meeting – April 19, 2017
    • University of Victoria Member Meet & Greet – April 26, 2017
    • NCVI Branch AGM – May 3, 2017
    • Better Together Workshop – May 4 & 5, 2017
    • Agassiz Research Centre Lunch & Learn – May 8, 2017
    • Better Together Presentation, Basic Training – May 11, 2017
    • BCFNHA LMCC – May 16, 2017 and May 31, 2017
    • RMG Vancouver Chapter AGM – May 17, 2017
    • Destination Canada Member Meeting – May 18, 2017
    • Vancouver Branch Executive Meeting – May 25, 2017
  • Board Meetings / National Events:
    • Special Board Meeting – April 25, 2017
    • Board of Directors Meeting – May 12 & 13, 2017

In Solidarity


Robert K. MacDonald, B.A., MRM


Director, BC/Yukon Region



Minutes – BC Yukon Training Committee Meeting

April 4, 2017

Meeting officially called to order

Standing items:

1 Approval of agenda

No agenda provided – continued to review changes being considered for the training nationally.


2 review of past minutes

3 approval of minutes – Approved

New Business:

Review of PIPSC and You presentation.

  • No mention of Separate Employers.
  • Steward definition suggests elections are possible but do not actually appear to be supported by PIPSC (despite it being in the bylaws)

Reviewed Terms of Reference for the committee

  • Recommended changes to: Quorum , Scheduling of meetings and invitations to office staff.  To be reviewed and presented to RX for approval.

2 Next Meeting date

Will meet again in October Prior to Stewards Council.  Additional meeting may be required based on National Committee requirements (next TEC committee meeting set for July 7th)

3 Adjournment

Adjourned at 11:25